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Rage & Cowboys

So to put a little context around a couple of the comments on the ‘What I’m Listening To’ page…

Back in October my cousin Joe was in town.  We hung out often as kids but had never partied together mainly because … well, we grew up in back-woods nowhere where there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities for 17-18 year old fun.  So we decided to go to the little watering hole on a Saturday night.  The Beaver Dam.  No, I’m not kidding.  The beauty of it turned out to be that we were 5 of the 10 (at most) people there.  We took advantage and basically kept the music going all night.

One of my recent guilty pleasures (as far as music and dancing is concerned) had been ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’.  I’m not a country music lover by any stretch but there is something about that song!  So I put it on, thinking “Joe is going to think I’m an idiot, being from the big city and all” but it comes on and, to my amazement, Joe sang EVERY word.  That was surprise #1. 

Surprise #2:  I had noticed Joe scamper off to pick out a song.  While he was still standing at the bar, on comes ‘Killing In the Name Of’ by Rage Against the Machine.  I’m not sure if he expected me to know it or not.  Never in my life have I heard that song in a bar and maybe I never will again.  I don’t think my sister Ali knew it but she danced with us anyway, god love her, while Joe and I jumped around and sang… er, hollered … the words. 

It was such a fun night.  I will never listen to those songs without picturing Joe across the dance floor belting out every word.  We live so far away from each other and had grown out of touch but that night we all discovered a little more about each other as we are now. 

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furry chocolates r us

Well I think my first post should say something more unique than ‘Hello world!’ so edit it I shall!  Hmm … wasn’t my first java program called ‘Hello world’?  Things I would rather forget…

So my cousin Joe, country-turned-city cousin, turned me onto wordpress.  It looked neat to me and I’ve always wanted to blog just for the sake of having somewhere to throw down random thoughts. 

I am uploading a recent picture of our youngest lab, Maggie.  She’s 7 months old.  Nellie, her big sister, is just over 2 1/2 years old.  Maggie’s a shit sometimes but how can you not love this face?  We’re past the peeing-on-the-floor stage … thank ya ju-eee-zus … but she’s a chewer (aren’t all labs?) and loves to latch onto Nellie’s ear with no warning whatsoever.  Watching the two of them fight … er, play … is sometimes like having front row seats to a good bare knuckle fight. 


Some people say that the winter is a slow time.  It is my busiest time of the year.  I give piano lessons, go to choir practice, and curl (fun league only, thank you), most of which does not happen over the summer.  I don’t seem to have enough time to tackle one hobby and yet it never fails:  I get halfway through two things and then get a new idea for something completely different that grabs my attention.  Last week it was renovating the bathroom downstairs.  I’ll upload a pic when we’re done. 

 So there you go… my first post.  I should actually work before someone questions what my paycheque is for. 

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Born yesterday, January 29th, 2006, it’s Clark Gordin Journeay!   Apparently Dana was a Superman fan when he was a kid.  Excuse me while I reminisce… ‘My Little Pony’?  ‘Lego’?  No wait… ‘Cabbage’ for Cabbage Patch!! 

I’m kidding of course!  I really love the name and can’t wait to meet the little bugger!  He looks darling and Jen and Dana are ecstatic. 

 Baby Clark

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