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When I worked at McCain there was a handful in my circle of friends that would try hard to embarass the heck out of you on your birthday.  And yes, I was one of them. 

There was the time I bought Strawberry Shortcake themed and other girly stuff from the dollar store and covered Randy’s cube.  He loved it.  I think photoshop’ed pictures of Mister Randy’s Neighbourhood (maybe Mr. McFeely would have been more appropriate??) came out that year.   And wasn’t that the year that I called his mother to find out exactly when his birthday was?  He he … he was upset with me but his mother gave him up quickly! 

And the hats… For Quintin’s birthday I bought him a silly hat and we made him wear it out for lunch.  Really, noone makes Quintin do anything but he was a sport and wore it for a few minutes anyway.  And I’ve been on the receiving end of the funny hats. 

Now I’m still new at Barrett’s so I thought I would fly under the radar without anyone knowing it was my birthday.  Enter the birthday board.  Boards at the back and front entrances announcing ‘Happy Birthday Candice’ to everyone.  How many ‘Candices’ do you think work here?  That’s right. 

Oh well, it could be worse.  I could be digging silly string out of the back of my monitor or have a bad picture of me posted everywhere. 

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Wow, that weekend just FLEW by. 

We curled in the Curl for Cancer funspiel Friday night and Saturday:  Won 2, Lost 1.  Pretty good for having thrown together a makeshift team of 4 people that have never curled together before.   We had fun and, most importantly, over $13,000 was raised for cancer. 

We had a day-long superbowl/birthday party at mom and dad’s on Sunday.  Some good munchies, a game of Phase 10 (winner:  mom), and the best … carrot… cake … ever!  The game was good too.  Despite the kickoff touchdown by Chicago the game ended up being predominantly Indianapolis but an exciting, wet game anyway.  Did anyone else find themselves wishing that those wet white uniforms would be a little more see through?  🙂  I thought Prince was less than impressive (how the heck did he get that gig anyway?  Of all the bigtime artists, why him?  What was with the Aunt Jemima head wrap?!  I suppose I should be thankful it wasn’t Justin Timberlake.  Or Lindsay Lohan.  Or Brittany Spears.  Oh wait, aren’t those last two in rehab now anyway??). 

In between superbowl and birthday fun we managed to get out for a snowshoe on Sunday.  The dogs love it despite the chest-level snow that slows them down.  It’s pretty funny to watch them running along and then unexpectedly sink through the snow right up to their chins.  They love the snow.  Here are a couple of pictures that Brian took of the dogs on Saturday.  

Chocolates2   Chocolates1

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Server Room Pics

In case anyone wonders what I do all day (besides posting nonsense here), here are a few pics of the server room I am building. 

I started with an empty room, have assembled/joined/installed components into all of the racks seen, and am basically managing the whole project.  Fun stuff if you’re a geek! 

Server Room 4  Server Room 3  Server Room 2  Server Room 1

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Mosaic fun

Here are two pictures of a recent mosaic project that I did.  The picture isn’t that great for showing the colors but you get the idea.  This was an old table I found at a yard sale.  It was given to Dawn and Scott as a wedding gift. 

 Mosaic Table 2   Mosaic Table 1

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An Inconvenient Truth

Brian and I watched ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ recently, the Al Gore documentary about global warming.  I had no idea that the topic of global warming was such a big part of his life.  He has travelled the world to places where the effects are very evident (like the Patagonia Icefields) and, probably most importantly, worked to make the issue a higher priority on the government’s to-do list.  At first I thought, “Am I really going to be able to listen to Al Gore go on for an hour and a half?” but I was surprised by how well he speaks.  It was even funny at points. 

Everyone should see this movie. 

It made us stop and think, Brian in particular.  All of a sudden he is a granola, composting, hybrid-car-shopping environment nut.  Within two days of watching he had replaced every light bulb in and outside of the house with more efficient bulbs.  We weren’t even planning on buying a car in the near future and all of a sudden he’s comparing hybrid models.  Everytime I see him working on his laptop he is surfing for a more energy-efficient this and a more environment-conscious that.  I’m not complaining; I’m proud of him for making some changes.  I’m sure there are more to come! 

Enviro-nuts unite!   

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I hate TrippLite comms racks. 

They will be fine once assembled and hosting equipment but to put them together was not a pleasant experience.  The instructions came on a 4″ x 4″ piece of paper that was barely legible, the pictures so small and bad you could not use them for reference.  The pictures in the website’s PDF were no better.  When finally assembled, the rack has give to it and doesn’t seem stable so will need to be somehow secured to the server racks (since we have a tile floor and therefore no subfloor to bolt to). 

When it comes time to install the cable management hooks (the plastic cable management hooks), they don’t go on with screws but with little plastic knobs that, when a 1/2″ long rod is pushed through it (again plastic), the back end fans out to hold it in place.  These are not easy to put in with a hammer;  because they are plastic, many of them bent and were then garbage.  There were, of course, no extras so I ended up being short in the end.  And to top it all off, I am missing three hooks.  I may come across them but at this point it looks like they just weren’t sent. 

My hands and fingertips ache from putting these racks together.  Granted, some of that stems from sitting in front of a keyboard and not using tools on a daily basis.  I don’t mind assembly but there has got to be a better way to ship these out! 

I’ll post pictures of the progressing server room in the next couple of days. 

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