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“The Crew”

Pet peeve #2, #3, #4, and #5 (that have made it into the blog… )

I went to the vending machine … my lunch didn’t quite do it for me today.  As I’m putting the first quarter in one of the “weight watchers crew”, as I call them, yells out “Pick out something bad for me!”.  Grrr….

First:  You don’t know what I’m about to buy so shut up. 

Second:  What concern is my lunch of yours?  Right!  So shut up about it. 

Third:  I work out and (mostly) eat sensibly.  You expect to lose weight by counting points, eating copious amounts of WW cakes and cookies , and sitting on your ass every day of life.  So … Shut.  Up. 

Fourth:  Stop trying to make me feel guilty for eating something that, if you threw the points away and just lived with common sense, you could eat too.  I work for my weight loss.  I SWEAT for every pound.  I deserve a treat.  So SHUT UP! 

I am proud to say that I have lost 8 pounds since starting to work out again a couple of months ago.  And I haven’t changed a thing in my diet.  My metabolism is higher, I’m building muscle… it all helps burn calories.  That’s not a lot of weight but it’s something and guess what?  I did it without ever assigning points to my food. 

I am annoyed by weight watchers (could ya tell?).  Granted, it is a good support system for those who get motivation from others.  Some people need that support system.  And yes, I’ve seen people have great initial results on that plan.  And yes, I’m sure some people approach it as a lifestyle change that includes common sense, exercise, and diet. 

But the weight watchers crew put me over the edge.  Every day the conversation is about food:  whining to everyone about having to eat salad for lunch, picking apart someone for bringing fast food into the lunchroom, and don’t get me started on checking out what everyone eats to decide how many points it is.  YOU are on weight watchers.  And it was YOUR choice.  Either stop whining about your salads or stop eating them.  Stop making a drama out of every french fry and cookie that that comes into the lunchroom.  If it is to remind everyone that you are a WW crusader, wear a badge or something.  Oh, and just because you are a crusader doesn’t mean that everyone else wants their lunch dissected too. 

See that?  THAT is your life and this?  Well, this is MY life.  Try putting some effort into a little exercise (no, walking across the road doesn’t count) and you wouldn’t need to be so worried about eating a chip.  Besides… we all know that, despite the righteous attitude, you’re sneaking them at home. 

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Talent show

This is pretty wierd but a great way to spend 5 minutes on a sunny afternoon! 

I just love the built guy in the short shorts… he is really getting into it! 

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… Carleton County Music Festival time! 

I love this week:  Young’uns all dressed up in their fancy clothes, walking confidently up to the piano to play the song they have practiced feverishly for weeks (well… some of them anyway).  It’s so great to see the pride on their faces when they’ve nailed the song.  And quite heartbreaking to see the disappointment all over their faces when they’ve struggled through a song due to nerves or simply not having enough practice.  I love going to the final concert on Friday nights and watching how children react to the crowd of people all gathered to hear their little song.  It’s priceless. 

It is so nostalgic for me.  I remember so vividly being one of those performers.  You get one shot to show them what you’ve got.  It doesn’t matter if you could play that song in your living room, in your sleep, backwards, and with one arm tied behind your back.  Sometimes, in the moment, your nerves get the better of you or you are thrown off by having just watched four kids play an interpretation of the same song or your fingers just plain out won’t do it that day.  It’s disappointing, knowing that if you could just get up and do it again… but no, you just have to walk away. 

There are those moments of perfection that make the hours of practice so worth it though.  To get up and play a piece well gives you confidence like nothing else I’ve experienced, especially when it’s a piece that you have really had to work at.  I still get a rush onstage, playing with the choir, when those few tough bars just roll off your fingers.  No one else in the crowd will ever know that you worked and were sweating over that piece but that doesn’t matter… you know and that is all you need to hold your head high and keep at it. 

The music festival was such a great experience that I will always urge my students to participate.  It gives them confidence, shows them what playing in front of an audience is like, and lets them hear and see other students at the piano.  It is an invaluable lesson when you compare it to the student and I sitting at a piano alone, hammering out a song. 

And another added bonus?  Having my piano teacher of many many years watch one of my students perform.  Whether they performed well or not, having the woman there that was with me from age 6 to age 17 is really special.   

I can only hope that some day my students will experience the thrill and satisfaction you feel when someone tells you that they really enjoy listening to your music.  This year I’m learning that it is as much of a thrill to watch one of your students perform well and, even more importantly, enjoy it.  That’s what it’s all about… sharing a love of music.    

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Enough already!

It isn’t enough that it snowed again overnight… okay, so it wasn’t the 15-25 cm that was called for but it’s snowing again now so it is trying to live up to the hipe the weathermen … er, weather people … gave it.  Who knows?  It will start when it starts and finish when it finishes and put down some stuff in between. 

Now I have another head cold.  I have never been sick so many times over one winter in my life.  I think this is 5 times since September.  Unbelievable!  What’d I ever do to them?  And what is with the germs floating around this year?  It’s like they have mutated into superhero status so that even the strongest, healthiest bodies can’t fight them (not that I put myself into that category but I have seen many a one turned into sniffling, shivering lifeless lumps). 

I know people that have been sick with a cold for 3 months.  3 months!  What makes the buggers hang on for that long?!  The doctors can’t even touch them, saying, “There’s nothing we can do for a cold.  Just let it run its course.”.  Run its course?  If you’ve been sick for 3 months, it’s run that course several times over! 

Maybe they just never leave.  Maybe the germs that got to me in September are just playing mind games with me.  Maybe they’re just laying back, hiding down in the cockles, until I think they’re gone and summer’s coming and it will be warm and beautiful out and then … Wham! … they come out of hiding to punch me in the sinuses again … and again … and again.  Yeah, that’s it …

… or maybe it’s just the Sinutab starting to kick in. 

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Episode 1

The first episode was great! 

The anticipation before the fight with Tony and Bobby was almost unbearable.  You knew something was coming!  The fight scene was great too:  Bobby running scared and backing into a tree, the Monopoly hotel stuck to Tony’s face, Tony’s adolescent reaction to it (“You got me this time but it’s only because I tripped over the rug”), and Carmella not being able to roll Tony over and being forced into the other bed.  I could have sworn that Tony was driving him to a rematch while they were on their way to meet “the Canucks”. 

They really eased us back into the storyline while, at the same time, dropping all of these hints of what is to come (or are they diversions?):  Bobby and Tony in the boat talking about Bobby’s future (and popping his cherry); Phil’s attitude while talking about Tony and the young, tough-talking guy in that conversation; the weapons charge (you can bet that’s coming back), etc.  A good example:  The story about the child drowning in the pool while Jan and Bobby’s baby is playing near the lake.  I kept waiting for something similar to happen to Nika but it didn’t.  Is it foreshadowing or symbolic of something that will happen in a future episode?  Or was it just to throw us off? 

The theme of “family” was huge in this episode.  Is that an indication of what the rest of the season will be like? 

Definitely a good first episode… it eased us back into the storyline while peaking our interest for how the rest of the season plays out. 

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Welcome, Spring…

What is this all about?!  The pics aren’t great, they were taken with my Q … but check out the second one.  It only started snowing when I woke up about 7 am this morning. 

Clear grass and sunny skies yesterday… gotta love Canada! 

April Snow  April Snow 2    

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The Best of the Sopranos

Dr. Melfi:  “I think Anthony Jr. might have stumbled upon existentialism”

Tony:  “F#*$ing Internet”


Dr. Melfi:   Have you ever had a prostate exam?

Tony:  Are you  kidding?   I don’t let anyone wag their finger in my FACE.


Tony:  “What is that?” 

Irina:   “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Tony:  “You should read “Tomato Sauce for Your Ass”, it’s the Italian version.


Uncle Junior:  “Flight risk?  I’ve been farting into the same sofa cushion for twenty years!”


Uncle Junior:  “The Federal Marshalls are so far up my ass I can taste Brylcream.”


Paulie:  “Don’t make me pull rank on you kid”

Christopher:  “F#*$ you, Paulie.  Captain or no Captain, right now we’re just two assholes lost in the woods”


Tony: He hurt my appraiser, what was I supposed to do? It’s on page four o’ the “Boss Manual,”


Paulie Walnuts: That’s why dinosaurs don’t exist no more.

Goomar: Wasn’t it a meteor?

Paulie: They’re all meat-eaters.

Christopher: METEOR! METEOR!

Paulie: Take it easy.

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