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On this, the last long weekend before Christmas, I only managed to get half of the things marked off of my “to do” list. 

“Houseclean the bedroom” – Check.

“Finish curtains for nursery” – Check

“Day of family time with “lives far away” sister-in-law and her brand spanking new baby Lucy” – Check

“Do the same bloody laundry and housework that I do every week and that keeps me from ever getting anything new done” – Check


Mind you, that is not a complete list, only the highlights.  It’s a bit disheartening to get so little done over a four-day weekend, especially when you have a nursery to build in three months with Christmas being smack in the middle.  However, I do frequently remind myself that I am 26 weeks pregnant and that accomplishing anything is pretty good when tying your shoes is becoming slightly problematic.  I wonder how I’ll manage when I am two months bigger.  Yikes. 

Despite the lingering to-do list, we did have an exciting turn of events here in good ole Dell, NB

Eggs!  Yes, eggs from our yet-to-be-named chickens. 


(Do not adjust your screens.  Two of those eggs are blue.)


Of course, this has gone straight to hubby’s head…


… but I suppose that’s okay since he does all the feeding and cleaning. 

‘Omelette a la Free Range’ will be a frequent menu item at Casa Dell (yes, I have noticed the clash of languages there) … hopefully I can tear hubby away from cheering on the chickens long enough to comment.

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