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Some things I have have come to realize about myself and travel during this trip:

  • I do not enjoy air travel.  This has gone from figuring I am just an inexperienced traveller that is getting used to the idea to actually deciding that I do not like it.  I am not afraid of flying but I am a nervous passenger.  I am the passenger that gasps at the slightest hint of turbulence.  I despise the bumpy lurch forward of the takeoff… in fact, flying might be tolerable if it were not for the takeoff. 
  • I don’t like sitting around waiting for flights to board… I know, this seems obvious.  Who in their right mind would enjoy sitting around for 2 hours just waiting for something to happen?  But to me there is just something very fake about being in a room full of strangers with noses in their books, pretending to be deeply engrossed by them and being ever-so-polite when they really are just as aggravated as I am at the whole air travel thing.  Maybe this seems worse to me because I have mostly travelled alone. 
  • I don’t like the window seat or the aisle seat.  I have no preference at all. 
  • I hate loud obnoxious passengers that figure the plane is their own shouting ground (flashing back to DR flight now). 
  • I hate that little battle that is waged for the middle armrest with the stranger in seat B. 
  • I hate being seated (so agonizingly close) to someone that thinks I want to listen to them yammer on for the entire flight.  I always board with a book in hand and put my nose into it immediately to avoid this displeasure.  This, however, does not always work.  Only once have I ever enjoyed talking to someone in this manner and that was tonight, actually (but then, Newfoundlanders are always friendly and almost always interesting). 
  • I really enjoy interstate driving … preferably in the two faster lanes.  I have no problem making lane changes at any speed.  That’s what they make side mirrors and signal lights for, right?  I avoid the slow lane to avoid merging traffic. 
  • I do not like tunnels, whether they are underwater or under concrete.  Instead of turning on my lights, I turn up my windows.  I realize that there is no common sense supporting this move but I do it anyway. 
  • Congested driving does not bother me.  If I need to change lanes, I am not shy about putting on my signal light and changing lanes.  If this holds up the lane that I am in, they will just let me in faster. 
  • I really enjoy a sunroof. 
  • I have an excellent sense of direction.  I’ve always known this but it becomes more apparent (and satisfying) when navigating through a strange city that is infinitely larger than the speck on the map you are from. 
  • For those moments of doubt, there is always someone friendly enough to ask a question to.  I don’t care where you are. 
  • Flight delays are really just a good reason to sit and have a beer. 
  • Leftover American money is a good reason to sit and have a beer. 
  • <EDIT> to add that I avoid revolving doors at all costs.  They freak me out. 

And, as I sit here listening to the announcement of the second delay of my Halifax-Fredericton flight and drinking a beer (mmm … Canadian beer), it occurs to me that airlines should give flight vouchers for any sort of delay that is not incurred by weather.  Just once I would like for them to explain just what they mean by ‘mechanical difficulty’.  Granted, I would not be getting on the plane no matter what the “difficulty” (see first bullet) but still…

If I could explain why I’m connecting in Halifax in the first place, I would… <sigh>

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This is my second time in Boston.

The first time I drove my car.  This time I flew direct from Boston in a noisy, bathroom-less 20-seater prop plane and got a rental car (G6 with a sunroof… niiiice).  I’m still not sure which one I preferred but ask me after my flight home when I connect in Halifax.  Yeee-ah. 

Last year my friend told me I would regret taking my car because driving in Boston is suicidal.  To Q I say, “Get Bent!” (in the nicest possible way, of course).  Driving, no matter where or how busy, just doesn’t bother me.  There is something extremely satisfying about getting around a strange city with very little issues.  A good sense of direction helps, I suppose.  I only have the evenings so I have to make the most of them… tonight I ended up downtown at … oh, about 4:55 pm. 

Tonight I walked around the Boston Commons and nearby downtown (Washington street, etc).  I stumbled across the Public Gardens when my feet were tired and that nagging blister on my fourth toe was screaming at me.  It was so beautiful I just had to keep walking.  It’s amazing to me how a few acres in the middle of downtown can be so serene. 

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the Commons…

dscn0289_blog.jpg   dscn0283_blog.jpg

I will admit that I got a little turned around on my way out of the city … but just a little.  I ended up behind a BMW while going through chinatown and thought, “Well he HAS to be heading toward the Mass Pike”.  Sure enough… next turn… thank you little beamer!   

Tomorrow night?  Italian food in the North End.      

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