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Hubby, I have found a new party game for our next summer BBQ. 

Cheese Racing!

How to play?  Players throw a slice of cheese on the grill.  The player whose cheese fully inflates first wins! 

(Don’t you all LOVE that this grill is leveled by beer cans?)

If this doesn’t have trailer park written all over it, I don’t know what does!  But I must say, I am more than a little impressed (not to mention dumbfounded and a little creeped out) that the wrapper on a cheese slice will not melt, despite the cheese inside eventually boiling. 

The folks over at CRASS (Cheese Racing Association) do issue the following warning:

Be sure to ingest large quantities of alcohol and/or other chemical relaxant before (and during) play.  This will relax the body and nervous system, thus minimising the pain of any injury and enabling you to play on. 

Uh… yeah. 

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