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I must confess. 

After writing an entire blog entry on the dread I was feeling for Brian’s office party, I ate my words on Saturday night.  Along with a bottle of wine and a number of beers.  The exact number escapes me. 

Brian and I enjoyed some pre-party mirth at our place and then headed over for the social hour and appetizers.  We were just in time for the door prizes and to find out that we did not win one (although everyone walking in behind and ahead of us seemed to win … damn you, fake Santa!). 

I did come out a winner though.  After claiming his new portable DVD player, my friend Ken handed me his three drink tickets as he walked out the door.  How excellent!  They were put to very good use.  What would I do with a portable DVD player anyway?! 

After some chit-chat, much dancing ensued.  First it was Alabama’s “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas” (don’t bust my balls, alright? … I didn’t request it, it was just on, and it’s nostalgic for me!).  Then there was “Play That Funky Music, White Boy”.  There would have been no convincing me that I was not something right out of Flashdance for that one.  “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” was played at some point, at my request (wish you were there for that one, Joe). 

The ultimate tip-off that I was enjoying the Christmas “cheer” a little on the heavy side:  As we were walking out the door, I remember thinking, “Oooh!  Sexxy Back!  I should be dancing!”

Somebody gag me with that mistletoe over there. 

I was only asked “How’s your job?” once and was so “cheerful” by that point that I thought of my blog entry, laughed out loud and kept going.  Truthfully, I was on the dance floor so much that no one really had the chance to ask me. 

On my way to work this morning, Bob & Sheri had a list of 5 things that people in their 20s just should not do anymore.  One of them was “drinking to excess” and I thought, “Wha?!”.  I was just starting to play the “I can shoot tequila all night!” game when I turned 20! 

Anyway, it got me thinking… am I too old for this?  I wasn’t sloppy, falling-over, puking-in-the-bushes drunk but I drank enough that there was no hiding it.  When do people get to an age when partying means a couple of beer?  And how do they dance after that?  What do you do all night?  Sit around and talk?  I just can’t imagine that being as fun as shaking my ass to Queen. 

I am guessing that you just get tired of it.  When it isn’t fun anymore or when the day-after is so painful that it negates the fun … then you stop, right? 

Really … I want to know because I still have lots of fun with a good beat and some drinks into me. 

In the meantime, I think I will go confess my sins to the rock ‘n’ roll gods:  I promise, Sexxy Back is forever off of the list of songs I will dance to … full of “cheer” or not. 


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My cousin Joe is in town.  Saturday night we headed to Keith and Tina’s house for a little bonfire and chili by the lake.  It was fun and relaxing but pretty uneventful other than having a couple too many drinks.  But the funniest part of the night came from Keith’s stereo. 

Now, anyone that reads Joe’s blog (linked from my own) knows that he is quite an aficionado when it comes to music, especially the not-so-mainstream stuff that we in Carleton County will never hear on the useless 96.1.  Keith was often skipping through songs that came on (looking for “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper, but this particular story is meant to pick on Joe, not Keith, so I digress…) and, this particular time, a song started that I didn’t recognize.  Joe comments, “Hmm … I like that.  That sounds pretty good.  What is that?”.  It took Keith a moment to remember but then he gleefully responds “Hilary Duff” and a roar of laughter erupts!  I told Joe that it was definitely a blogworthy moment so here it is, Joe… 🙂

On Sunday most of the same crew headed out on the north branch of the Miramichi for another day of paddling.  We had a great day despite the pouring rain that started about halfway through the trip.  Just when we thought it was letting up the sky would open up again.  It was a fairly warm day, though, so we managed to laugh about it in the end.  I think Joe’s virgin kayak trip was fun enough for him although I wonder if the adrenaline junkie in him was hoping for faster water.  I’ll get a few pics up on facebook when I get them from Keith. 

I thought it was a great weekend and loved hanging out with Joe.  For anyone wondering, he is super dedicated to his training program.  Beer/Rum = Unnecessary calories.  I couldn’t imagine floating down the Miramichi without a beer or two … I just didn’t think it was possible!  But he made it … he made it just fine. 

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Brian, Ali, Randy, Dave, Blair and I took off Saturday morning, all in our own kayaks, to tackle the south branch of the Miramichi.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.  The run starts out shallow; we had to get out and drag the kayaks in a couple of spots.  Before long the water rises and it’s clear sailing… er, paddling. 

This part of the Miramichi is quite narrow and really bendy … mucho fun in a kayak, that’s for sure!  We came across one spot in particular that really seemed to be a dead end … beaver dam and everything … but we backtracked just a little and maneouvered our way through a narrow (8 feet tops), alder-filled passageway that opened up again in just a minute or two. 

Let’s see… memorable moments:  Brian’s makeshift kayak paddle (yes, that’s duct tape).  Although I didn’t see it, Randy got caught up in a tree that was laying across the stream and dunked in good style (keep an eye out for that sandal, would you?).  Ali got caught up on a rock that spinned her right around backwards (although she remained upright).  We took a hike to the convenience store in Juniper because we had run out of beer.  Oh and my proudest moment… at the very end of the day (notice this is after getting MORE beer), I reached down to pull someone’s kayak ashore, lost my balance, and ended up face first in muck.  Thankfully it wasn’t rocks. 

It was a great day and we’ve all got the bruises and sunburns to prove it! 

(For those of you keeping score, I didn’t tip … Candice 1 Chi 0)

img_4606-resized.jpg  img_4586-resized.jpg  img_4581-resized.jpg  img_4563-resized.jpg  img_4556-resized.jpg

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Instead of planting my garden like I should have last night, a few beers on the deck while sitting in the sun translated to heading to the lake for a paddle.  Brian paddled and I took pictures of our friends’ flower gardens that are just starting to bloom.  Here are a few of my favorite ones… the rest are here http://www.sendspace.com/file/ecfasj along with a few kayaking pictures. 

img_4861-blog.jpg  img_4934-blog.jpg  img_4980-blog.jpg  img_4974-blog.jpg  Pink Tulip

The highlight of the evening was the potato gun, something I’ve heard of before but never witnessed.  It’s amazing what a spark and some hairspray will do!  Here are a few pics.  There rest are here  http://www.sendspace.com/file/2e65gx, including a 7-photo sequence where you can see the flight of the potato! 

img_5094-blog.jpg  img_5084-blog.jpg  img_5082-blog.jpg  img_5020-blog.jpg  img_5079-blog.jpg 

Joe, we definitely  need to get this out when you come home this summer!  We already plan to incorporate some sort of potato gun fun into the “Jugs on the Lake” celebration later in July. 

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