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Snowblowed or Snowblew?

As you might already know, I am very interested in words and grammar and the english language… specifically in their proper use.  I consult dictionary sites almost daily. 

While coming back from lunch with Will and April yesterday, Will used the word “snowblowed” as in “I snowblowed my yard”.  (I can’t for the life of me remember why we were discussing snowblowing in June but that’s beside the point). 

It got me thinking… “snowblowed”?  Wouldn’t that be “snowblew”?  You wouldn’t say “I blowed bubbles” or “I blowed on her neck” or “I blowed at Guitar Hero last night”.  So isn’t it “snowblew”? 

I have looked this up and the only related word Merriam Webster acknowledges is “snowblower”… no associated verb.  Hmm.  I’ll have to rely on popular opinion here. 

What do the masses think? 

(Will, I’m not picking on you; I would naturally say “snowblowed” too.  But to satisfy my neuroses and grammatical obsession, I must know what’s proper!)


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Northern Maine.  Aroostook Center Mall.  Thursday night.  Karaoke.  

Okay, so the ‘Northern Maine’ does shed a little light but there is still so much wrong with the picture, I don’t even want to get started.  Hubby saw a 17-year-old mumbler as he walked in and a well-over-70 woman singing something from the 50s on the way out. 

I know it’s cold out but jeeeez


To all the people that I drove behind this morning:  Did I miss the announcement for ‘Drive 10 Under’ day?!  Or is this really an impromptu holiday saved only for those days when I’m running late? 


Grammar lesson of the day:  Think of exclamation points as punctuation for special occasions. 

Examples of improper use

I am going grocery shopping tonight!!!!  or I’m making liver and onions for supper!!!!

One exclamation point will suffice in nearly every situation (an earth-bound asteroid or a lava flow heading your way might be an exception) and this includes internet “chatting” and e-mails.  At the very least, the multiple-point move should be used sparingly… not in every sentence

Using four to tell me you’re getting your hair done or that you bought a new shirt just makes me want to smack you.  With a dictionary.  One of those really big hardcover ones that would really hurt. 

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Joe’s comment on my last post has inspired me to post Carleton County’s internet claim to fame… yes, it is really that bad. 


My favorites?  “Piss-cut”, “yestidee”, “so didn’t I” (Grrr…..), and “jiggitinnie”.  And seeing as how I live in the potato capital of the world (or is it Canada?), I can’t forget to mention “b’dayduh”. 


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Excuse me …

… it’s “supposedly”, NOT “supposebly”.  That’s a D… you know, the one with the circle off to the left of the line?? 

The number of times I have heard “supposebly” in the last 2 days is making me quickly lose faith in society’s grasp of grammar.

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