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Bob and Sheri told me this morning (yup, called me right up and told me) that June 20th is the happiest day of the year. 

I don’t know who determined this or why but apparently someone put all of the factors together … more daylight in the day, warmer weather, people are anticipating vacations, etc. … and determined that more people are more happy today, making for a big ole happy-fest bigger than any other day of the year. 

It makes me want to do my happy dance, which looks something like Balky and Larry’s but without the foreign guy and the little curly-haired dude. 

This year it happens to be a Friday too so I’m thinking June 20th will keep its crown… at least for one more year. 

Happy happiest day of the year! 

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Laurie got me pondering my childhood which got me thinking about growing up in a small town which got me thinking about the simple life associated with growing up in the sticks.  I don’t mean Paris Hilton’s rendition of a simple life either… I’ve lived it instead of visiting it for half a second and pretending you know something about it.   

So I thought that I would compile a list of simple things that make me happy, some of which are also enjoyed by you city folk, I’m sure … 

The reds, yellows, and oranges of the leaves when they change. 

The goat that I drive by every day to and from work that is a companion to two horses (but really, any goat makes me happy 🙂 ). 

A bubble bath with a glass of wine.  Or beer. 

Laying on my deck in the sun and amidst the treetops.  And beer. 

Walking into the store and having the clerk pull my brand off the shelf without me even asking. 

Nailing a song on the piano.  Anytime. 

Walking through the woods, especially after a heavy snowfall. 

Being able to fast forward through commercials. 

Seeing the first sprouts after planting seeds in the garden. 

A back cracker. 

Sweating during a workout. 

Chips with my sandwich. 

A kayak trip.  Anywhere.  In any sort of weather. 

Early-morning fog lifting off of a cow pasture and being backlit by the sunrise. 

Seeing a smile on my dogs’ faces. 

The lightbulb in my piano students’ eyes when they grasp a concept I’m teaching. 

Getting a good support tech on the phone. 

An open stretch of road. 

Carrots from my garden. 

Muddin’ and doing donuts on Yammy. 

All of these happy thoughts have boosted my spirits enough for the rest of the day! 

What makes you happy? 

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Happiness is …

… a homemade donut from the Somerville bakery.  It’s greasy (especially when still warm) and as big as my fist and about the best thing I can think of to start off a Friday.  Thank you, Terry Gallagher… thank you. 

Homemade donuts always take me back to when I was a kid, in my grandmother’s kitchen, the hot vat of oil sitting on the stove.  I used to love cutting them out of the dough because I, of course, was not allowed to actually put them in the oil.  My Nan Logue still makes donuts but these … dare I? … are the best damn donuts I have ever eaten.  There.  I said it.  I’m sure if I could get my hands on the ingredient list I would find crack or heroine or something laced in there. 

Sure they clog my arteries and put even more fat on my thighs but for those few moments when that donut is melting in my mouth, I am satisfied … and what can be wrong with that.  Everything in moderation, I always say, and that includes donuts.  I don’t buy them by the dozen or eat them every day.  Hell, I don’t even buy them … someone thought of me when buying those donuts and wanted to share so I, for one, will not stomp on their good nature by turning them down!  Anything else would be just plain rude and a spit in the face of generosity!  (Right?  … That’s what I thought.)

To all my exercising, training, and dieting friends… bite me.  Better yet, get off your stairmaster and bite into one of those donuts.  You’ll thank me for it. 

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