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My ink

I have alluded to a tattoo a couple of times… here, finally, are a couple of pics. 

I got the music note while attending a conference in Kissimmee, FL a few years back.  Sitting around in a hotel room?  Bored?  Why not go get a tattoo?! 

While I was in Montreal on training a couple of months ago I decided it was time to add to it.  No, it wasn’t because a few people decided that “music from the butt” was just too funny not to mention everytime they saw it.  Okay … so it wasn’t just that.  Believe what you hear … tattoos are addictive! 

So I designed the piano keys that you see, went to a tattoo parlor called Adrenaline on a Wednesday night, looked at many artists’ photos, decided on Ron (yes, that is an udder in his hand), and booked the appointment for Thursday evening. 

I liked his work, it was as simple as that, but Ron turned out to be the coolest guy … we found lots to talk about including the Dominican and some of the oldtime rockers he has met.  He was just all around easy to talk to.  I couldn’t have been more at ease and would definitely go back to him … no question. 

tattoo2_blog1.jpg        tattoo_blog.jpg

And YES… it hurt!  Let’s think about that for just a moment before asking me, mmmkay?  I can say it isn’t a crazy, unbearable pain … it’s more of an aggravating scraping that makes you grit your teeth a bit and then it’s done and he’s moving on to a different line.  The lines definitely hurt worse than the color.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently. 

I am definitely a fan of the Adrenaline shop.  It was very clean, not at all intimidating, and the staff was really friendly to me. 

I will would definitely go back when  if I get another tattoo. 


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le Commensal

I’ve been neglecting my blog.  But don’t be offended.  I’ve been busy and sick (yes… again) and all those other things that just plain get in the way. 

Last week I was in Montreal on training for work.  It was a great week.  The training was good, the food was good, and I got a new tattoo (yeah!! … details to come).  The weather was quite muggy and hot for walking around but that’s better than rain, right? 

Currently my favorite place to eat in Montreal is ‘Le Commensal’.  It’s an all-vegetarian all-buffet restaurant where you basically load your plate, sit it on a scale, and pay based on weight.  It’s perfect!  You take what you think you can eat and that’s it.  There is much less waste and much less over-eating.  They actually have other products now too… frozen dinners, etc.  Good stuff although a bit on the expensive side.  

Is that chicken pieces or artichoke?  Forget about it!  Hmm … I wonder if that is bacon bits or bits of red pepper?  Forget about it!  An all-vegetarian buffet is a vegetarian’s dream!  Well, a lacto ovo vegetarian’s dream at least… I shouldn’t forget my more hardcore compadres.  Normally I have to pick out the two, maybe three, things that are okay; it is rare that I step up to a buffet and actually have to decide on what I’m going to eat. 

“Gee… I wonder what Le Commensal actually translates to?”.  Why, I am so glad you asked.  In English, “commensal” is an adjective of the word commensalism:

Main Entry: com·men·sal·ism
Pronunciation: -s&-"li-z&m
Function: noun
: a relation between two kinds of organisms in which one obtains food or other benefits from the other without damaging or benefiting it

While all of you meat eaters out there are gagging, I will say “well isn’t that neat?!”.  Another definition says it means “eating together at the same table”.  Just as neat, I suppose. 

 If you are in Montreal or Toronto, check it out. 

On the reverse side of that, the other place I like to head is Peel Pub on Peel street.  While there is nothing fancy about this particular sports bar, I seem to like the atmosphere there.  Even though it is typical pub food and I am, true to usual form, limited to a few menu items, I seem to enjoy it.  I do notice that they are working on a ‘Peel Pub Live’ section of their website… Hmm.  Interesting.  (While there are many places I could take this, I think I will just leave it at that 🙂 ). 

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