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Hubby and I went to a movie while we were away last weekend… Wanted with Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, and that young guy that I recognize but whose name I don’t know.  (Yeah, I could go find it but that’s not the point of this post, is it?)

Folks, a couple of common sense tips for the theater …

1.  If your foot or knee or whatever (hey, some people do weird things in the theater) touches the seat in front of you, no matter how lightly, that bump, no matter how small, is going to register with the person in front of you. 

If I can figure this out, you should be able to too. 

If you do this more than once, it is likely to irk the person in front of you.  If you do this once every couple of minutes through the entire movie, you should probably know that you are just plain ignorant and must recognize how oblivious you are to anything outside of your shallow little bubble.  Shield your face with your huge popcorn bucket because if it’s me, I’m going to say something really embarassing just as the movie goes quiet. 

2.  Everyone has their preference on where they want to sit.  I like anywhere from the middle of the theater to the back… I don’t dig sitting too close.  If you like the aisle seat, okay.  I really am fine with stepping over you for those bathroom or candy emergencies… I know they’re going more and more out of style but I do know how to use the words “excuse me”. 

But if the aisle is your choice, deal with it.  You really have no right to give me an exasperated sigh when I need to get by you.  Especially if you are someone of, um… substantial girth who doesn’t move and forces me to climb over you.  You leaning your knees two inches to the left really doesn’t help me.  What about this situation is my fault?  Just deal with your choice, stand up in your chair, and lean as far back as you can so I don’t accidentally brush something on my way by.  Because that’s not going to be pretty for either of us. 

Oh, the movie?  Lesser of the available evils at the time but I ended up enjoying it.  That Angelina Jolie is smokin’ but even Hubby notes that she gets less sexy the skinnier she gets.  Too bad for her that being all eyes and lips just isn’t the in look this season. 

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What a lazy weekend.  It was wonderful. 

We had friends and my sister over for supper Saturday night.  I spent all of Saturday afternoon baking focaccia bread, making filling for two kinds of homemade ravioli, and making salad and mini cheesecakes.  This was our first time making ravioli from scratch and it turned out quite well.  It was topped with a spinach cream sauce that tasted fantastic. 

Leftover ravioli filling = baked manicotti for tonight.  Yum. 

Our new favorite thing to do with salad is add cherry tomatoes that have been drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and roasted in the oven … just until they are a little bit wrinkly.  They are super packed with flavor and delicious. 

On Sunday I was invited to perform in a church concert fundraiser for their missions support group.  I was slightly hungover and had only feebly prepared for it so I spent the morning really dreading it.  It was just what you are expecting when I say “church concert” but the variety amongst the performers was interesting… amid the normal guitar-toting drawling cowboys, old-lady quartets, and piano players (me included), there was a two-woman comedy act (the older woman had to have been 85 years old), an 8-year-old violinist that didn’t flinch at standing in front of the crowd (that will warm your heart any day), and another little girl that sang a song from Sesame Street. 

It ended up being a fun, heartwarming afternoon. 

I crashed when I got home, though.  The rest of my day consisted of the couch and an interesting array of movies, all of which I managed to stay awake for. 

I finally watched Gone With the Wind.  I know, it’s a little sad that it has taken me this long.  This is such a classic … am I allowed to say that I was disappointed?  I had really high hopes for it.  All of those famous quotes and movie scenes and parodies that I have seen over the years had this movie built up into such a frenzy in my mind.  I thought I would be so enlightened that Brian would have to slap common sense into me.  I thought the love story would be so intense that romance would be oozing out of every orifice of my body. 

Not so.  Not one speck of romance oozed out of any part of me. 


It was a good movie, don’t get me wrong… it just wasn’t the movie I was expecting.  Instead of it being about Scarlett and Rhett’s romance, it was more about her chasing after the guy that rejected her and married another woman.  Is it just me or is that just a little pathetic?!  And selfish … yeah, she went through a lot with being a nurse and delivering the baby during the war and making it back home … but every move she made was centered around Ashley and wanting him for herself.  I kept waiting for Scarlett to turn and tell Rhett she loved him, especially when he was stepping out to join the war, but it never happened… she pulled away from him!  When it was over, I double-checked to make sure it was the end because I felt gilted that they didn’t get together and I didn’t know what happened to Rhett. 

It just wasn’t what I expected. 

Brian and I watched The Prestige, about a rivalry between magicians (Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman).  I really liked this one.  If you liked The Illusionist, this is even better.  It’s one of those movies with several twists at the end that I didn’t guess.  I like being surprised.  Rent it. 

I also watched Freedom Writers last night.  It was a feel-good story.  Heartwarming.  A struggle through adversity.  It is everything you expect about a first-time teacher walking into a classroom of ne’er-do-well teenagers.  It is based on a true story, which is neat.  It was a good movie but it just wasn’t that surprising. 

On Saturday I watched Running With Scissors.  I love these types of movies.  It is about a mother who is an unsuccessful writer and starts therapy with a doctor whose unusual treatments push her further down as he adopts her son.  It is so delightfully odd and awkward and uncomfortable.  Sometimes I like a movie that gets under my skin a little. 

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