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I chuckle at the title of the last post because it contains the word ‘snowbank’.  Since writing it, Hubby and I have spent a full week in 30-degree weather and glorious sunshine, compliments of Cuba.  I suppose the white sands of Varadero beach could be mistaken for snow but I assure you, snow was the furthest thing from our minds. 

Operation Cuba Bound was a success:  18 pounds gone (more for Hubby) and 6 months smoke-free.  So off to Cuba we went and it was beautiful.  Palm trees, white sand beach, turquoise water.  Sigh. 

Things learned:

  • Driving to the airport the night before and sleeping in your wagon in EconoPark may sound like fun, but …  (wait… did that really sound like fun to me at some point?  I kid, Hubby.  But you have to admit, the overhead planes and 10-minute shuttle did make sleeping rather difficult.)
  • All of Cuba seems to be musical. 
  • Keep your eyes down when walking in Havana.  Dogs (that seem to be strays) go poo in the streets. 
  • Walking in a town/city that is not littered with chains featuring arches and neon lights is rather… well… nice.  Refreshing.  Calming.  And definitely more interesting. 
  • If you head to Havana, stop at one of the roadside stands on the way for a $2.50 pina colada that is made from real fruit. 
  • Snorkelling.  Do it.  Every time.  Especially if it’s directly off a catamaran. 
  • A mojito is way better when you order it in Spanish, sitting in a cafe in Havana. 
  • I have learned (again) that a bikini in the Caribbean is completely different than a bikini in Carleton County.

Things that continue to make me shake my head:

  • The person that can be in fricking paradise and still complain about the most insignificant things (like their potatoes being cold).
  • Litter.  I realize that we were sharing the beach with dozens of younger party types but a garbage can is a garbage can despite your age and, yes, even despite a dozen pina coladas.
  • Why do people stand up as soon as the plane has stopped?  More importantly, why do you look at me like I’m strange for staying in my seat until the door is open and the people in front of me are leaving the plane?  Aww, is this your first time?
  • On the same vein, is it really necessary to turn on your cell phone as soon as the wheels are on the ground?  Okay, maybe to call your mom who is picking you up.  But do you also need to call your best friend, your great aunt Sadie, your hairdresser, and your cat all before the plane door is open?  You think this makes you somehow look important, eh?  More like self-important, I think.  And a little rude. 

Okay, so it was a really great trip and just plain nice to be away, just the Hubby and I.  But now we’re out of the clouds and back to real life:  yard work, gardens, work, all of it. 

A few odds and ends…

The first thing we discovered upon returning is that our town and neighboring towns experienced floods while we were away.  First major flood since 1973.  We miss all the fun stuff.  I’ll do up a post and a few pics in the next day or two. 

I owe you guys pics of the hobby room, recently renovated.  I haven’t forgotten. 

Jenn… it will be on its way within the week.  I promise.  I hope baby #2 is treating you well. 

Kris… it’s coming. 

First paddle tonight in the Presque Isle stream.  Yay! 

Sorry for the lame post that’s all over the place but I had to write something or I would risk winning the You’re a Bad, Bad Blogger award.  First prize is a spanking.  Not the fun kind. 


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Just when I think I’ve kicked the nicotine addiction square in the junk (tee hee), I have a difficult day that brings me back to reality and reminds me of the powerful hold it still has on my junk. 

If I had junk. 

Which I don’t. 

As of about 10 pm last night, I have been exactly two months smoke free.  The last month has been relatively smooth sailing:  there are far fewer cravings now and, even when they do pop up, I can handle them much more easily. 

Yesterday was a test though.  I felt a little trembly all day.  The type of trembly that a cigarette would surely calm.  I had that wanting-cigarette lump and taste in the back of my throat all day; fellow quitters/smokers will get this.  It felt like someone was standing on my chest most of the day. 

And all of this made me want to eat, of course, which doesn’t exactly fall into my Operation Cuba Bound initiative.  You know, the one where I try to fit into a bikini on Verradero beach? 

If only I could find pleasure in chewing on celery all day.  Oh salty carbs … why must you tempt me so?! 

But all is well in the world.  I’m happy to report that I did not have a cigarette and I did not exceed my calories burned for the day (although I didn’t have a great deficit either). 

And hey, I found a way to refer to private parts as ‘junk’, which makes me laugh and laugh.  It’s a good day. 


Brian and I went to Big Rock on Saturday, skiing with my sister and cousin Chris on Saturday.  I haven’t really hung out with Chris much in the last few years so it was awesome to have him along.  The snow did not disappoint; it covered every trail and covered it well, which just hasn’t happened in the past five years.  It was nice and mild too, about -3 degrees.  Perfect skiing weather. 

For a minute there I was regretting not buying a season pass but then I looked at the forecast … above 0 and rainy part of the week.  Yuck… that’s going to wreak havoc on the snow. 


Finally, a word of encouragement to my husband who literally slaved all day over a chicken.  He roasted it, he boiled the leftovers for chicken stock, and made the “best chicken soup [he’s] ever made”.  The process took all day. 

And then, as he was putting it in the fridge at about 10 pm last night, the lid popped off of the container.  The soup spilled all through the fridge, down the front of the bottom freezer, and onto the floor.  It was a mess and nasty to clean up but I just felt bad for him as he scooped his efforts from the fridge shelf to the garbage can. 

But you can bet that somewhere in the world… a chicken snickered. 

Today’s a better day, hon. 


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