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Yay… snow day!


I couldn’t get to work today if I wanted to!  The drift behind the car is nearly as tall as the drift around the front… and I haven’t even ventured out to see how bad the rest of the driveway is drifted. 

More coming on Wednesday … yay! 

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Let’s continue on with the ‘things I just don’t get’ theme of the previous honker post, shall we? 

I really love snow.  I’ve mentioned it enough times here that I I’m stating the obvious, aren’t I?  There does come a time in every snow-lovers year when you are ready to see it go.  It’s like turning a switch on (or off, depending on what side of the snow fence you sit on); one day I’m nagging Hubby to go skiing one last time and the next I’m itching to be in my garden. 

But no matter how badly I want the snow to melt, I will never go to the lengths of one of my co-workers.  I believe you just need to be patient with some things and let them happen naturally.  Her… well, her and her husband have been shovelling snow for the past two weeks. 

“But … It hasn’t even snowed!”, you might say, with a puzzled look on your face. 

And yes, you would be right.  In fact, it hasn’t snowed in weeks.  The snow is mostly gone here but sad piles of melting snowbank remnants are still sticking around. 

Enter:  the snowbank in front of my co-worker’s house.  Yes, this is the snow they have spent the last week shovelling onto the lawn or driveway.  Shovelling the snow for the second time.  Okay, just making sure you got that. 

Now, the reasoning behind this is that spread-out snow will melt faster than if it is in a pile that is several feet high.  Will the snow actually melt faster?  Absolutely it will.  I am not disputing the science behind it.  I would lose. 

What makes me shake my head at this is the fact that someone would willingly shovel snow for the second time.  Wait, let me back up to make sure you understand … I am talking about a woman that complained to me every god damn day of winter about the amount of snow.  Having to drive in it.  Having to shovel it.  Having to watch it fall.  Now that the snow is nearly gone, she complains about having to shovel it for a second time so it melts faster?! 

Here’s another science lesson for the kids out there:  The snow will melt on its own

I also find myself wondering if I should start sharing my list of things to do with her.  How much time do you have on your hands if you’re shoveling a snow bank?!  I would be glad to share my housework.  No?  Laundry?  I could bring my mending into work? 

Sigh.  Some things I am just not meant to understand. 

To her credit (and the discredit of many, many others), she is by no means the only person who uses this snowbank-whittling technique.  And she is retired.  So yeah, if you don’t have a list of things to do that extends across the living room when you’re reitred, then kudos to you. 

But might I suggest Pilates?  Sudoku?  Watercolor?  Photography? 

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I am back and I bring with me some great Easter pics. 

Nope, no bunnies in these ones, whether real or over-sized and frequenting the closest mall.  No weird-o eggs that are every color of the rainbow (what are those chickens smoking anyway?!).  Nothing pastel to be seen here. 

See, the fact that Easter is early this year combined with the fact that we have had more snow than we have had in years meant that there were no birds chirping in our yard after the roasters were put away and the dishwasher turned on.  No, not us New Brunswickers.  We were sliding. 

Lucky for us, we live on a hill. 

A big one. 

This is my dad … yes, my dad.  Told you he was crazy. 


And this?  This is me.  It’s probably the finest display of sliding mayhem that I have ever been part of.  As you can imagine, I dug a respectable amount of snow from the back of my neck and out of my right boot after that one.  I think the position my legs are in is what makes me laugh at this picture. 


As Hubby put it over on his own blog, sliding is fun for all… until some jerk goes and builds a jump! 

(Pssst… in case you are wondering, Hubby= jerk). 

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That is me, circa 1997. 

Behind me is my crazy father. 

Yes, that is a field of snow. 

And yes… that is most definitely a canoe. 

Allow me to explain. 

You see, that particular winter we received a storm that delivered a lot of freezing rain over a couple of days.  The result was a crust of ice several inches thick on top of a few feet of snow.  That crust was hard and it stayed that way for weeks. 

How hard was that crust?  You could walk anywhere and the four wheeler went anywhere… not just on the skidoo trails, but on top of the drifts, straight through the fields, everywhere. 

It was around this time that we also experimented with our downhill skis on the hill behind our house.  How did we get to the top of said hill?  We were towed to the top behind the four wheeler, using a plain old rope. 

Yes, my father is quite the character. 

So one day while on break from university, my father said to me, “You know, I have always wanted to try to go sliding with a canoe”.  He had heard of this being done before.  My dad is the curious sort, you see, and once he gets an idea in his head, it will gurgle and stew in there until he can make it happen. 

The crust that winter made the perfect surface:  instead of trudging along in a few inches of soft snow, we would do it in grand old Carleton County style and that was going to be in a green canoe that was sure to quickly turn into a lightning fast torpedo on top of that hard crust. 

We hauled the canoe to a field not too far away and lugged it to the top of a hill.  The field was open, save for a couple of rock piles in the middle and about halfway down.  I piled in the canoe and Dad gave us a push to get us started.  So far so good.  We were laughing at the sheer hilarity of what we were doing when the canoe steered towards the middle of the field.  In cartoon style, I think the light bulbs went on for both of us at the same time. 

How were we going to steer this thing?  I guess paddles would be the obvious answer but there we were, up the snowbank without a paddle, picking up speed, and heading toward this rock pile.  Dad was trying to steer but he was not being that successful.  As the rock pile loomed closer, in a moment of panic… I bailed. 

Both knees and shins and I think even my elbows went through that thick layer of crust.  I was bruised for three weeks after that. 

Are you wondering what happened to Dad?  You should be.  He actually managed to narrowly miss the rock pile and continued down the field, drastically picking up speed (which I’m sure was happening more quickly because part of the cargo, me, had went overboard). 

What was at the bottom of the field to stop him?  Forest. 

He didn’t get too far into the trees before coming to a stop (without the aid of a tree, I should note).  And when I caught up to him, he was laughing so hard that I couldn’t help but join in. 

That’s my dad.  He’s fun and funny and the life in any room and he can make me laugh like no one else.  We’re never quite sure what he’s going to say and do next and he would try (almost) anything once.  I hope to be just like that:  ready to make my own fun and not waiting for it to find me.  Boy, do I love him. 


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I <3 Winter!

This is a *lot* of snow. 

I mean, I’m sure there are places in Canada with more snow but this is more snow than we have had in this area in a looong time.  This will mean more to those that know my parents’ house but for the rest of you … trust me:  this really is a *lot* of snow. 



A *lot*. 

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Snow Day!

Snow days don’t happen very often anymore, now that I’m an adult and all.  People expect more of you when transportation is up to you and not up to the school system. 

It has been storming here since about 1 pm yesterday.  There is snow and lots of it.  The wind was so strong last night that it created drifts several feet high in some places.  The sleet bouncing off of our windows kept us awake for a while last night.  This morning it is still snowing and still a little gusty. 

I was hesitant about work but the clincher was Ken, my carpool buddy, who called to tell me that he couldn’t get out of his driveway.  I e-mailed my boss who lives basically next door to tell him I would not be getting to work and received a reply that said he did not even try to get out and would plow later.  Yeah… he plows our driveway.  How perfect is that? 

It’s not that I worry about driving… I have lived with snow, I know how to drive in snow, I know when to slow down.  I guess what I’m saying is… I am Canadian.  It is just snow. 

What I worry about is the other people on the roads:  The ones that freak out at the slightest dusting of snow and slow down to 40 km/h; the ones that don’t slow down and decide to drive 110 km/h in three inches of snow just to pass you; the ones that don’t realize that hitting the brakes has a different effect when the pavement under the tires is snow-packed (and are surprised by it every time); the ones that figure their big bad 4×4 is invincible and the public roads their playground. 

The local business in town has hired several people from India and Columbia in recent years.  How well do you think they drive in the snow?  Any guesses? 

My friend Randy tells me of a driver in Brampton that tried to pass him in a slush-filled lane.  The first time he gets beside Randy and jacks the brake, worried by the slush, and is again behind him.  He did this a second time and a third time until Randy finally cut him off to keep him from doing it again. 

It’s really just about being smart.  That’s where it all falls apart for me … I expect people to be smarter than they are. 

My bad. 

Remember this shot from a couple of weeks ago?   


This is our deck.  We have since put the furniture away for the winter (a little late, obviously). 

Here is a picture from this morning: 


Same deck, same angle.  We have had a lot of snow but much of this was created by the wind.  Drift or no, it will need to be shovelled off later today.

Any takers? 


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Short Term Forecast


                        snow.gif       snow.gif



-5°C 0°C


Light snow Light snow


60% 60%
Wind   S 5km/h S 5km/h



71% 98%
Snow less than 1cm less than 1cm

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