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Today I had a doctor’s appointment in Fredericton, our province’s capital, and spent the rest of the day shopping with my seven month old son.  As a young mother and son that live in the country, we don’t usually have exposure to that many people and things in the run of a few hours so, when we do, it’s fun to note the odd and unusual. 

Here are a few notes to some of the people (and things) that we ran into today. 


To Michael’s … I heart you.  I do.  Every aisle  – the overpriced baskets that scream “fill me”; the undecorated wreaths that beg to be adorned with something special; the unpainted wooden and ceramic items that are just dying for a shiny coat of paint; the multitude of fake flowers that are more expensive than the real thing; and, my latest artsy inclination, the cutters and colors and cake pans that are ready for the next savvy baker with a fancy cake in mind.  Yes, every aisle beams with crafty potential and makes me giddy.  (I will admit to your one downfall, though – much of you is bloody expensive.  I can’t believe people spend $30 on a package of scrapbooking paper – thank goodness I haven’t been sucked into that crazy vortex).


To Winners – I visit you often and am very fond of you (don’t get me wrong) but I always leave you wanting to spend a month’s salary on lottery tickets.  I look longingly at your fancy decorations and clothes but usually leave with a couple of items from the clearance rack.  C’est la vie when you’re working with maternity benefits, I guess. 


To every woman (and the couple of men) who stopped me to talk to Oliver – blonde, brunette, blue haired, young, old, walking, running, sitting, shuffling, shopping – he attracts you all like cheesy magnets to a refrigerator.  And yes… he is adorable, isn’t he? 


To the hospital  – I wish I had known that 2 pm was the absolute worst time to enter the parking lot (due to lack of spaces) and that 3 pm is the absolute worst time to leave the hospital (due to lineup to leave the parking lot).  Now I know. 


To the lady in Admitting wearing the banana clip – come on!  That went out of style at least 15 years ago – you’re not even pretending to try!  Maybe I should have checked your pants for stirrups. 




To the doctor I saw today – You’re friendly and all.  And I know it’s a distraction to have my son in the room with us so thanks for appeasing us young mothers travelling to your hospital.  But using my stirruped legs to hide behind during a game of peek-a-boo with him … well, I’m not sure I even have the words.  Oh wait, yes I do – what the hell?!  (I wish I was kidding.  Sadly, I was distracted enough by why I was there that it didn’t occur to me how out-of-a-sitcom this was until after I left.)


To the man that pressed the elevator’s “Down” button even though he saw me push it and even though he saw that it was lit up – I’m truly sorry that you touching the button a second time didn’t magically make the frigging elevator appear frigging faster!  It seems you don’t have some sort of Midas-like connection with the Otis gods. 


To the used clothing stores – Well… thank goodness for you.  I’m not opposed to buying new things for my son but will never understand why some people insist on having everything brand new.  Why pay $30 when you can pay $6 for something that was worn twice? 


To anyone who saw me breastfeeding publicly today – thank you to those who smile sweetly and get it.  I know we like to think our society is progressive enough not make a big deal out of it, but it is still a head turner for some (hell, it’s a grimace/sneer/aggravation for a few).  Don’t you worry, though, because we breastfeeders are on it.


To my baby boy – you’re so much fun to shop with.  I know many would shudder at the thought of schlepping their infant son to malls and big box stores all day long but not me.  I love that you are so smiley and good natured and happy most of the time.  And I love even more that people seem to be so attracted to your smiley good nature. 

It makes me smile and makes for an awesome day out and about.

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On this, the last long weekend before Christmas, I only managed to get half of the things marked off of my “to do” list. 

“Houseclean the bedroom” – Check.

“Finish curtains for nursery” – Check

“Day of family time with “lives far away” sister-in-law and her brand spanking new baby Lucy” – Check

“Do the same bloody laundry and housework that I do every week and that keeps me from ever getting anything new done” – Check


Mind you, that is not a complete list, only the highlights.  It’s a bit disheartening to get so little done over a four-day weekend, especially when you have a nursery to build in three months with Christmas being smack in the middle.  However, I do frequently remind myself that I am 26 weeks pregnant and that accomplishing anything is pretty good when tying your shoes is becoming slightly problematic.  I wonder how I’ll manage when I am two months bigger.  Yikes. 

Despite the lingering to-do list, we did have an exciting turn of events here in good ole Dell, NB

Eggs!  Yes, eggs from our yet-to-be-named chickens. 


(Do not adjust your screens.  Two of those eggs are blue.)


Of course, this has gone straight to hubby’s head…


… but I suppose that’s okay since he does all the feeding and cleaning. 

‘Omelette a la Free Range’ will be a frequent menu item at Casa Dell (yes, I have noticed the clash of languages there) … hopefully I can tear hubby away from cheering on the chickens long enough to comment.

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The local radio station has started running ads featuring Matthew McConaghey’s voice.  What is he advertising, you ask?  A new movie?  No. 


I have mentioned before that I am a vegetarian.  Lacto-ovo vegetarian to be exact; I eat dairy products and eggs but no flesh.  No fish, no fowl, no pork, no beef.  Especially not beef; it definitely ranks highest on the ole gross-out meter although I don’t really have a reason why. 

But it doesn’t matter.  When Matthew McConaghey says, “Beef.  It’s what’s for dinner” in that raspy, playful, sexy voice… well, let’s just say that is one hunk of flesh I would not be kicking off my plate. 

I believe him and damnit, I want it to be true! 

Hubby, fire up the BBQ.  I’ve got half a cow strapped onto the car and momma’s hungry! 

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Last night was one of those times when I really wanted to just laze around home. 

I was so very close to calling my piano students and cancelling last night.  I had no good reason other than just wanting to relax.  But I didn’t cancel.  I realized that if I cancelled I would not be doing any good for them, I would be walking away from a commitment, and that I would just feel like crap about it today.  Sometimes responsibility sucks. 

The kids were tired, it being the day after halloween, and they were all coming off of sugar highs, I’m sure.  The youngest girl especially (seven years old) was extremely tired and grumpy.  This all resulted in her feeling very upset that she hadn’t practiced during the week and would disappoint me.  The idea that this seven year old would care to impress me was quite touching, especially after all of the excitement of the week. 

We worked through the piano lesson though.  I poked and prodded her and she made it through, even after mashing her hands on the keys in frustration and crossing her arms, saying “I can’t do it!”.  (She really is the cutest thing)

My background is in computers; I’ve never had to sit down with a child and teach them something.  Even though I know my shit when it comes to the piano, my biggest fear is that I won’t be able to teach the concept in a fun way.  Knowing something and teaching it are two very different things. 

With a child you need to make it engaging and fun or their interest will quickly turn to the fly on the wall or the boy that farted in class that day.  This particular student is distracted and fidgety on a good day so, with 10 minutes left in the lesson and an attention span that was quickly dying, I knew I had to do something different to keep her with me. 

I always get my beginner kids to pick out keys on the keyboard.  Example:  “Play all of the Gs on the keyboard”.  Last night, at the last minute, it occurred to me to try something different.  I said to her, “Play all of the Es like a princess would”.  And then, “Play all of the As like a rock star!”.  It was enough to keep her going and, though I didn’t anticipate it, parts of her personality came out that I had never seen before!  I gave her a chance to stretch her imagination and saw a different little girl as a result. 

Apparently princesses are prissy and rock stars are really quite boring in her world. 

Anyway, the point of the story is that I’m glad I didn’t shirk my duties; if I had, karma would not have rewarded me with those good lessons, the smile of that little girl, and the feeling of satisfaction I had as I left their house. 

<Sigh>… if only every moment of every day were that rewarding. 

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Short Term Forecast


                        snow.gif       snow.gif



-5°C 0°C


Light snow Light snow


60% 60%
Wind   S 5km/h S 5km/h



71% 98%
Snow less than 1cm less than 1cm

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