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Everyone knows one …

… one of those people that just needs to know everything that is happening around them.  

They know everyone in the office, who their family is, and what they did Saturday night.  They know how far along every pregnant woman within 30 miles is.  They know about all the goings-on in the office whether it pertains to them or not and tell everyone else about it as if they are the masterminds behind the project.  They know about every house for sale in the county, who used to live in it, who looked at it, and why they didn’t buy it.  They know who is on vacation, what family member is going to the hospital, and what friend is thinking about buying a computer. 

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I don’t and never will understand why these people feel the need to know every little thing, no matter how mundane or uninteresting, but that is their business.  What does get to me is that 9 out of 10 of these people also feel the need to verbalize the diarrhea that is their thought process.  It lends itself to non-stop chatter about things that rarely amuse or spark even the slightest interest.  If you know someone like this, you sympathize. 

Why do you find it necessary to tell me when you notice that someone’s woodpile has been moved?  Do you think I wonder right along with you why Joe Blow’s driveway hasn’t been plowed in two days?  I might, if it was someone either of us knew but the state of a complete stranger’s driveway doesn’t concern me. 

To put this politely, perhaps these minds need more distraction in their lives. 

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It has been storming for over 24 hours now!  I don’t think it snowed much overnight but it is  coming down now and windy on top of it.  I love the snow!  Winter just isn’t winter without a blanket of the white stuff covering everything. 

This really reminds me of those big-ass snowstorms we had when we were kids.  Just a big bunch of snow, no rain or sleet behind it.  Those were the days when school was cancelled only during the biggest blizzards (now they sometimes cancel when there is the mere threat of a storm); snowbanks were so high we could slide off of them; drifts were so massive we could build tunnels and forts in them (you’ve never experienced snow down the back of your neck until you’ve had a tunnel cave in on you); snowblowers were still a novelty so most people were using scoops and plain old-fashioned shovels.  Ali and I would jump off of the swing into the snow or off of the deck into the massive pile dad just shovelled off of it (sometimes headfirst!  Yeah, yeah, I know … that thing about hindsight). 

If I close my eyes I can see myself on Big Rock! 

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First one!

The first system went in the new server room today … yeah! 

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Can’t it wait??

Pet Peeve

People who talk while in bathroom stalls … AND the people who stand outside the stalls talking to them. 

Just happened:  Girl #1 comes into the bathroom while Girl #2 is just coming out of the stall.  They start a conversation.  Girl #2 finishes washing her hands, the whole time keeping up conversation, and then just stands there, continuing conversation, while Girl #1 pees.  What the … ?! 

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furry chocolates r us

Well I think my first post should say something more unique than ‘Hello world!’ so edit it I shall!  Hmm … wasn’t my first java program called ‘Hello world’?  Things I would rather forget…

So my cousin Joe, country-turned-city cousin, turned me onto wordpress.  It looked neat to me and I’ve always wanted to blog just for the sake of having somewhere to throw down random thoughts. 

I am uploading a recent picture of our youngest lab, Maggie.  She’s 7 months old.  Nellie, her big sister, is just over 2 1/2 years old.  Maggie’s a shit sometimes but how can you not love this face?  We’re past the peeing-on-the-floor stage … thank ya ju-eee-zus … but she’s a chewer (aren’t all labs?) and loves to latch onto Nellie’s ear with no warning whatsoever.  Watching the two of them fight … er, play … is sometimes like having front row seats to a good bare knuckle fight. 


Some people say that the winter is a slow time.  It is my busiest time of the year.  I give piano lessons, go to choir practice, and curl (fun league only, thank you), most of which does not happen over the summer.  I don’t seem to have enough time to tackle one hobby and yet it never fails:  I get halfway through two things and then get a new idea for something completely different that grabs my attention.  Last week it was renovating the bathroom downstairs.  I’ll upload a pic when we’re done. 

 So there you go… my first post.  I should actually work before someone questions what my paycheque is for. 

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